NoshingwithNoelle has been a work in progress for over 15 years.  Noelle loves all aspects of entertaining, and there is nothing she enjoys more than to posh up a space and prepare a feast to nosh with friends!  Join her as she takes you through her latest gig…and you, too, can posh and nosh with Noelle!

Noelle grew up in Michigan cooking, baking, decorating and enjoying all things domestic. She was always alongside her mom helping her prepare for entertaining.  She would secretly sit on the stairs and listen to the adult banter at the parties her parents hosted. Her mom would let her come down to fix a plate…delicious meatballs, cheese olive balls, sausage stuffed mushrooms and a crab and cocktail sauce concoction! Delish!  On occasion, Noelle would steal  a sip of Connor’s two, two and one–her parent’s world famous punch!

Noelle received her B.S. in Family and Community Services from Michigan State University.   She lived in a few fabulous places — Maui, Hawaii and Seattle, Washington — before moving to Gainesville, Florida to pursue her M.S. degree at the University of Florida in Adult Education, Communication & Volunteer Leadership.  After graduation, Noelle moved to Jacksonville to work for the Duval County Extension Service/City of Jacksonville.   She met future hubby Al,  and after they tied the knot, Noelle moved from in town to the beaches.  Noelle and Al have two boys, Connor (14) and Kelland (12), and a sweet little dog named Nixie Periwinkle.   Noelle left her job when Connor was a baby as Al started traveling weekly for work.   Noelle has remained active volunteering with various organizations and most recently has been involved in a local woman’s organization and high school and middle school football.   Noelle’s latest endeavor aligns her with Jennifer Fleischer Wellness in creating an educational platform in the use of CBD oils for health, happiness and prosperity!

We hope you enjoy NoshingwithNoelle!   Noelle is  available to assist with noshing, poshing and helping you on your best CBD journey.  Contact Us